Hi, I am Ashley. I am 40-ish. I am a mom to a tweenage boy, wife, mobile software engineer and extremely busy. My home is always messy. I have two dogs. Love my pets like family. I am a novice at most things that I find fascinating, but that won’t stop me from sharing what I do accomplish and learning from those who have had more experience!

Growing up I didn’t always have all the resources to learn and experience things, but my midlife “crisis” is to put some of those interests and dreams into action. So I invite you to learn with me, or to observe me as I grow in my interests. And please share your stories and experiences with me too.

What interests me?

  • RV life/Camping/Traveling – Just got into this and loving it!
  • Mobile Software Engineering – This is my profession so I am a bit of an expert here.
  • Self compassion and Meditation – This has been a big part of my life over the past couple of years. Its really helped me grow as a person and enjoy life more.
  • Kayaking – not much to it, but still pretty new at it. Gaining confidence in not flipping over or hurting myself.
  • Photography – totally an armature at this too, but its fun!
  • Cosplaying – love it, but I am lacking vision here. I have invested a lot and produced little.
  • Animals/Volunteering – need to get going on this one!
  • World of Warcraft – I used to play a lot, but I feel like I have worn it out a bit.
  • Blogging – I have tried to be interesting in the past with my content, but haven’t had the energy or content to keep it going. Let’s see if this is different!

So as you see, there are many things I love, but still have a lot of room to grow in. Time is a killer man. Perhaps one day I will become a master at one of them. Perhaps you will witness it. Who knows?!

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