Swift Cantrell Park, Kennesaw, Georgia

I just love this park. It is located off of Main Street, near downtown Kennesaw. I started going there when I lived in Kennesaw about 10 years ago. It has a 1+ mile paved track that goes around a little something for everyone. Two playgrounds, one for the littles, one for the bigs. Woodchips have … Continue reading Swift Cantrell Park, Kennesaw, Georgia

March 26, 2022 – Soundscapes

Water running. Son laughing. Car revving. Jet passing. Propeller plane overhead. Water drips. Drip. Drip. Loud truck passes. Swish. Tinnitus between sounds. Thoughts come, thoughts go. Ommmmmmmmm. Dog barking. Husband walking. Clanking of things. All of these, sounds of modern life. Sounds I tune out as I live in my head. But a feeling of … Continue reading March 26, 2022 – Soundscapes

The Art of Dalek Cosplay

Why Cosplay? Why a Dalek? For many years I have attended DragonCon, a very multi-interest convention of geek, sci-fi, tech, fantasy and horror that is very famous for its seasoned cosplayers. From amateur cosplayers (like me) to professionals (like these guys), cosplay is both encouraged and enjoyed by all who attend. 2018 was the first … Continue reading The Art of Dalek Cosplay

Closing the Gap: Education & Industry

I was approached by a professor on LinkedIn one night. She asked me if I would be interested in giving a presentation to her mobile development class at Georgia State University. I gave it a night to think about it, and decided sure I would. How great. I have never heard of a college offering … Continue reading Closing the Gap: Education & Industry