KOA Cape Hatteras OBX, North Carolina

https://koa.com/campgrounds/cape-hatteras/ Length of stay: 6 nights, site # 204 & 329 Overall Score: 4.86 Security Rating: 5/5 There is a full staff of KOA attendants that circle the perimeter and some that live on site. I felt very safe, and allowed my kid to roam campus. There were a lot of retirees and young family … Continue reading KOA Cape Hatteras OBX, North Carolina

Lake Heartwell KOA, Anderson, SC

https://koa.com/campgrounds/anderson/ Length of stay: 2 nights, site # 30 Overall Score: 4 Security Rating: 5/5 I felt pretty comfortable walking around the campsite alone, and allowing my 11 year old to ride his scooter without much worry. The roads are gravel, and short. It's hard for anyone to speed or drive recklessly. Most people seemed … Continue reading Lake Heartwell KOA, Anderson, SC

North Myrtle Beach RV Resort & Dry Dock Marina

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Site 39 Since my husband and I are both remote workers, we decided to go camping during our son's spring break. I wanted us to be near the beach, but wasn't wanting to drive to Florida. In a short google search I found an RV resort not far from the beaches. Nestled … Continue reading North Myrtle Beach RV Resort & Dry Dock Marina